The reason for your loss of Coins/Jokers/Games is probably one of the following:

  • You were playing as a “Guest” and you connected the application to your Facebook account. If this was the first time you connected the app to Google / Apple, your Coins and Jokers were transferred from your “Guest” account to your “Google / Apple Connected” account.

However, if you have alternated from playing as a “Guest” to playing while connected to Google / Apple several times, please know that these 2 accounts are now independent of each other. The games started as a “Guest” will not show up in your list of games once you’ve connected through Google / Apple. Similarly, the amount of Coins and Jokers will be different in the “Guest” account from what you have in the “Google / Apple Connected” account. 

  • You were playing while connected to your Google / Apple account, and you were disconnected. In this case, simply reconnect to your Google / Apple account to find your ongoing games and Coins and Jokers.

  • You play Wordox on different devices (for example: your mobile phone + your tablet). Please note that a “Guest” account is attached to one device only. To be able to synchronize your games, Coins and Jokers, connect the app to Facebook on each device you play Wordox. By doing so, the same data (games, Coins, Jokers) will appear on each of these devices.