Refusing to enable notifications on your iPhone or iPad will affect your game experience.

  • You do not know when your opponents have taken their turn.
  • You do not know when you are running out of time to take your turn.
  • The game will not reload, even if you stay on the board.
Without notifications, it is like wearing a blindfold while playing tennis.

How do you reenable the notifications?

Go to “Notifications” in your iPhone / iPad “Settings”. Scroll down the list of applications until you get to the “Do Not Include” list and find Wordox.

Click on it. On the next screen, you will see a button that says, “Allow Notifications”. Slide the button to the right.

Your Wordox notifications are now enabled!

Go a little further down on this screen:

“Show in Notification Center” means Wordox notifications will appear in your Notification Center. (The Notification Center is what appears when you pull down the top of the screen).
If “Sounds” are turned on, a sound or a vibration will accompany each notification.
“Badge App Icon” means that there will be a small counter on the icon of the game. This counter indicates the number of notifications that you have received since the last time you opened the game.
“Show on Lock Screen” means you will see the notifications when your device screen is locked.