Your letter rack is cluttered with consonants and you’re wondering what word to play next…

Don’t panic! A stack of consonants is not necessarily a bad draw. Although English usually requires vowels in each syllable, there are actually numerous vowel-less words. Most of them are onomatopoeias or words that mimic the sound of an object or action. You see them mostly in comics and they are valid words.

For Wordox players, these consonant-only words are extra special because they are almost impossible to steal. So learn this list by heart to keep your points and win:

Brr – Used to express feeling cold

Grrr – Used to express growling

Hmm – Used to express reflection, uncertainty, or hesitation

Nth – Denoting an unspecified member of a series of numbers or enumerated items

Psst and Pst– Used to attract someone’s attention surreptitiously

Pfft – Used to represent a dull abrupt sound as of a slight impact or explosion

Shh – Used to call for silence

Tsk – Used to express disapproval or annoyance