Summary : You unlock avatars once you've reached level 40. You can access them in the left side panel. Avatars are images to decorate your profile in tournaments!

How to get new Avatars?

  • You can unlock avatars by playing tournaments and having enough trophies to unlock a tournament chest. The chest will reward you with avatars. The more you unlock chests, the more avatars you can unlock. To open a chest, wait for the end of the tournament, go to the main menu and click on the glowing cup. The chest will automatically open itself if you have collected enough cups. 

How to obtain trophy avatars?

  • You can obtain a trophy avatar by unlocking the last chest of a tournament. The chest will reward you with a trophy avatar. As soon as you have it, you can equip it through the avatar page. 

How to equip Avatars?

  • Got to the avatar page and click on the avatar you want!