[Tournaments will soon be available to all players]
Summary: Compete against your friends or other players to collect as many diamonds as possible! To collect them, log in during an event and find words in the grids to get diamonds. At the end of the competition, you will receive many rewards! The tournaments run from Friday to Sunday.
How to participate in the current tournament?
  • Log in on the weekend
  • Collect diamonds from the game grids
  • Get your reward after the end of the tournament by clicking on the cup icon in the main menu. 
How do I access the tournaments?
  • Click on the tournament icon in the main menu.
  • Or, click on the diamond icon at the top of your game screen. 
What is the tournament screen? 
The tournament screen allows you to see your position in the tournament, your position is displayed in green. To the left of your name is your position among the other players. To the right of your name is a pencil that allows you to rename yourself, as well as the number of coins you will get if you keep this position at the end of the tournament.