Summary: The collection is a feature that allows you to collect beautiful images that will make you travel! The collection is a playable event only available on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

How to unlock images?  
  • Collect leaves on the grids on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Once you have 20 leaves, click on the leaf icon at the top.
  • Open the pocket and see the images you just got.
What are the images for?

They are collectible cards for your own personal enjoyment!
However, these images can also be used to reward you and earn more coins. If you complete a set of images, you get coins. The images are therefore a reward for the players present during these weekly events.

How do I unlock an image?

When you open a cover, you get an image token. Some images require you to find the same token several times in order to unlock them. Once you have obtained the necessary tokens from an image, it will automatically unlock and be added to your collection.

What does the banner mean on the images I unlock?
  • New: You have obtained a token of this image for the first time!
  • Completed: Congratulations! You got all the duplicates for this image, so it is complete.
  • Duplicate: This banner means you got a token from a previously unlocked image.

I don't see the collection. Why not?

The collection is only available on Tuesday and Thursday. If you don't see the "Collection" event on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it's likely that your phone's clock is set incorrectly. In this case, go to your settings and set your phone's time correctly.

What are duplicates for?

Duplicates are tokens of images that you have already found. If you accumulate 10 duplicates, you will receive 2 image tokens!

What's new in the future:

We plan to add new themes as we go along! Keep your eyes peeled for new artwork coming soon!