The Boosters are elements that multiply the points that we will bring to the Club.

There are 2 types:
- Personal boosters, whose multiplier effect applies only to the player who has procured it for a limited time,
- Collective Boosters, whose multiplier effect applies to ALL MEMBERS for a limited time.

Boosters are cumulative, without number restrictions.

Example: a player makes a game Bet 100 | Gain 110. It has a personal booster AND a collective Booster. At the end of the game, the player will bring to his Club:
- 300 points in case of defeat (100 pts of base + 100 pts of the personal Booster + 100 pts of the collective Booster)
- 330 points in case of victory (110 base points + 110 pts of the personal Booster + 110 pts of the collective Booster)

NB: When you buy a Booster (personal or collective), it activates immediately.

When you have active Boosters, you can click on the inset to the left where your points are to see the list and the remaining time for each one.

IMPORTANT: Only Boosters still active at the end of a game will be effective. If a Booster expires mid-game, its effect will not be counted.

Any canceled Booster will also cancel the points gained through this way. The points will be taken from the Club.