The edition of the Coat of Arms/ Blason offers you the personalization of the players of your club. The editor is accessible from the tab MY CLUB by clicking the Coat of arms.

A Blason is composed of 3 elements. Each element may have a different color.
Only form is mandatory.

ONLY the person in charge of the presidency may change the Coat of Arms. Deputy members and members can unblock items and increase the number of possible combinations in order to have a Coat of Arms that is better suited to them.

Items that have no amount (in Chips) are free or have been unlocked by a member of the Club.

The "Unblock" or "Save" button displays the number of Chips to be spent to get the selected items.

The button "Generate" allows to test the millions of possible combinations that the elements are paying or not. This eventually allows you to come across an assembly you like without spending too much time in the editor.