Creating a Club automatically gives you the role of President.

This role will allow you to:
- accept or refuse applications for membership
- modify the Coat of Arms of your Club,
- promote (or demote) members as Assistants to assist you in the management of the Club,
- publish classified ads that will allow you to communicate important information at the Chat level.

At creation, the name of a club is mandatory. This name can not be changed once registered. Only the description can be modified.

Your first Blason is generated by default, but no worries you will have the possibility to modify it once the Club has been created.
Creating a Club will cost you some Tokens.

Once the Club is created, you have the option in the "INFO" tab to modify the description and the Coat of Arms. Click in the input box then save (for description) or simply click on the image of your Blazon to open the editor.