Belote Multiplayer is the only Belote & Coinche game certified with fair card dealing. The team is proud to announce that our Random Number Generator (RNG), the algorithm which determines the sequence in which cards are drawn from the deck, is certified by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), without having to modify a line of code.

You can access to the certificate here:

In a game like Belote or Coinche, the order in which the cards are dealt is critical. This is why we wanted GLI (the world’s leading independent testing, inspection and certification laboratory to the gaming industry) to test and certify our game. By using a certified RNG algorithm, we guarantee that the card dealing sequence is random and thus, the outcome of the game is random and does not follow any pattern.

As a player, we want you to be confident that the game is fair and does not favor or disfavor any specific individual or player type. With this certification, you can be confident that your performance in the game is not controlled in any way.

As for the n°1 Belote & Coinche game and since the game has been live (2007), ensuring an authentic experience has always been of the utmost importance to our team. On occasion, we receive complaints from a small subset of players, typically upset after a losing streak, that the game is rigged and the results are controlled.

Because we take user feedback seriously and to quell any doubts in the minds of the players, we requested GLI to independently verify the card dealing algorithms in the Belote Multiplayer RNG to be Random. This certification is to assure players about our commitment to game fairness.

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Gaming Laboratories International, LLC or GLI is the world’s leading independent testing, inspection and certification laboratory to the gaming industry, and has 21 locations spread across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. GLI provides testing and certification services to more than 455 jurisdictions worldwide. For information please visit