Want to organize a game with your friends or train against a robot? It’s easy!

First, chose the Game Mode you want to play with : Belote or Coinche, by clicking on the wanted one. 

Then, click on the bottom Left or Right arrow (or on the other bets on left or right) until you have the "Solo / With Friends" mode selected. Now, click on it.

Click “Invite” to invite your friends to play or click "Play" to start a game against a robot.

If you choose to invite friends, you will see the list of your Belote Friends. Select who you wish to play with and click "Invite." The green icon next to the name of your friend indicates they are available to play. When the icon is red, it means that your friend is already in a game. 

When you have sent your invitation(s), all you have to do is wait for your friends. Each player can invite additional friends by clicking the "Invite" button.

When you send an invitation, your friends will receive a Facebook notification and will see an icon indicating that you have invited them to play a game. In order to join your game, they simply need to click on the icon (the same for yourself if you receive an invitation from a friend).

Once everyone has joined the table, click “GO” to start the game!