Belote Multiplayer invites you to play Coinche, a variation of classic Belote.

This game is played with 32 cards and 2 teams of 2.

The first team to score 1000 points wins the game.

Each round is comprised of two parts: the bidding and the trick.



The game starts with the distribution of 8 cards to each player, which on the contrary to classic Belote, allows the strength of the hand to be known immediately.

Each player, in the same order as they were dealt, can choose to either pass, or announce the amount of their contract, as well as their trump color. This ‘contract’ defines the number of points the team must score in order to win the round.

The bidding is made with a minimum of 10 points added to the last figure announced. As soon as a higher bid is made by a player, each player in turn at the table must validate this contract. The highest possible announcement is the ‘Capot’, which signifies that the team must win all of the tricks of the round.

The Coinche. One a contract has been announced by a player, an opposing player may decide to ‘coincher’. This is where a player from the opposing team announces that the other team will not make their proposed contract. In turn, the team who have been ‘coinché’ have the ability to ‘surcoincher’ if they are certain that they will achieve their set objective.

Coincher and Surcoincher will have a significant impact on the score at the end of the round.



The rules of the game, with regards to the trick, are exactly the same as those for Belote.

These are:

  1. The order and the value of the cards differ between the trump suit and the other suits.
  2. Players must play the color asked for or use a trump card if they do not have this color. The strongest card wins the trick.
  3. Once a trump card has been placed down, another higher scoring trump must be played unless the player does not possess one, or their team-mate is currently winning the trick.


At the end of each round, the points are counted. In order to win, a team must have a score that is equal to or more than the contract agreed upon.

If this is the case, the team scores the points that they have totaled as well as the value of the contract agreed upon. The losing team score only the points they have won.

If a team wins all of the tricks in a round, they score a bonus of 250 points.

Coincher multiplies by 2 and Surcoincher by 3 the value of the contract when counting the points of the team who won the round.

Note that the value of the cards and the rule of 20 extra points in the case of Belote/Rebelote are the same with Coinche as for classic Belote.