There may be 2 main causes that result in the loss of your chips:

1- You have declined to join the current game.

When you are disconnected from your game (or if you left it by mistake before the end), you will see this message by returning to the home page if the game is still not finished .

Click "Yes" to join the current game. During the time of your absence, you will be replaced by a virtual player (not to penalize the other players who are present) and you will be able to resume the game in progress.

If you click "No", and you start another game, you will definitely leave the game and lose your Chips.

2- The game ended in the meantime and your partner lost.

When you are disconnected and you have not been able to return in time, you will see a window indicating the result of the game.

If your partner has lost, you will see the score on which the game ended.

Note: If you have declined the option to reconnect to the game, you will not see this result window; Knowing that if you have a game still in progress, the reconnection window is the first one that appears when you arrive in the game.

However, be aware that if your partner has won the game, you will also win the Jackpot amount (although it is the robot that has completed the game for you). Chips will be credited upon validation of this window.