The answer: install the game on one of your mobile devices (phone or tablet) and connect via Facebook (before the "Facebook Connect" service is shut down) to retrieve your data.

How do I install it?
If you have an Android device, open the "Google Games" application. And if you have an iPhone or iPad, open the "App Store" application. Search the game "Belote Multijoueur" and install it. If you already have it, you don't have to do anything ;)

If this is my first time installing the game, how do I get my info back?
If this is the first time you install the game, you will create a new "guest" account. This account will only be temporary, until you can connect with your Facebook account and retrieve your info.

Follow this procedure:
1. Tap the main menu icon at the top left (3 horizontal bars)
2. Tap the "Options" entry
3. Scroll up the window (or down to the bottom) until you see the last option "Connect with Facebook."
4. Tap the "Connect with Facebook" button (This option requires that the Facebook application is installed on your device so do it beforehand if you are at this stage).
5. Follow the steps to connect with Facebook (don't hesitate to contact us via our support, if you can't get through this step).

When you have validated this step, the game will probably display the following message:

This message is NORMAL. When you log in with Facebook, the game is about to overwrite the temporary account (which was created when the game was installed) with the one linked to your Facebook account.

Tap the "CONFIRM" button. You should now have all your information back if you are logged in with the account you were playing with on Facebook.

Now that you have retrieved your account (or if you already had done it), we advise you to link it to Apple or Google (depending on the type of device you play on).

Why link my account to Apple or Google and how do I do it?
Linking your account to Apple or Google allows the game to add an identification key and retrieve your profile information (Chips, Stats, Friends...) by logging in with different accounts.
Connecting to Google or Apple is very simple. Tap on your avatar image on the game's homepage at the top left, then tap the "Sign in with Apple" / "Sign in with Google" button.
It's especially recommended to do this since the "Connect with Facebook" option will disappear.